Limerence: Missingness, 2018

Grand Rapids, MI, Approximately 5x5x6'

Used bedsheets, stuffing, thread, muslin

Inviting and impenetrable, Limerence: Missingness is composed of larger than life pillows piling heavy on the floor. Obsessively I make pillows over and over. In an aim to construct my own comfort I make absurdly large objects in attempt to address the euphoria and despair produced by the need for reciprocation of affection. The cases are made from used bedsheets I’ve sourced; their history is marked in the tatters and tears of the fabric, the hair woven into the fibers, and the stains that mark the spots where their bodies once existed. Though welcoming in look, they pile into a reclusive shape. The duality of their softness is defined by the weight and the sag of the pile.