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old Confessions - Daily Collage Practice


Confessions is a daily collage practice that I started on July 22nd, 2017.

Committed to creating each day, I intend to make time to cut and paste. With the challenge of vulnerability and honesty in mind, the collages come from the conversations and thoughts regarding my relationships, my inner workings, and my responsibilities.

These small and quiet works serve to exist as a record of my intimate thoughts as to which I can reflect upon in the months to come. 

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September 12th - 5x2.5in

September 11th - 4x4.5in

September 10th - 2.5x4.5

September 9th - 2x3.5in

September 8th - 3.5x6in

September 7th - 3x3in

September 6th - 4x7.5in

September 6th - 4x7.5in

September 5th - 5.5x7.5in

September 4th - 4.5x6.5in

September 3rd - 3x6in

September 2nd - 7x4.5in

September 1st - 6x2in

August 31st - 5x7in

August 30th - 2.5x9in

August 29th - 6x8in

August 28th - 2.5x7.5in

August 27th - 3x5in

August 26th - 6x6.5in

August 25th - 4x4.5in

August 24th - 6x9in

August 23rd - 4.5x6.5in

August 22nd - 6x10in

August 21st - 8x4in

August 20th - 5.5x3.5in

August 19th - 2.5x3in

August 18th - 3x3in

August 17th - 5x6.5in

August 16th - 5x6in

August 15th - 3x4in

August 14th - 4x9in

August 13th - 4x3.5in

August 12th - 8x8in

August 12th - 8x8in

August 11th - 2x2.5in

August 10th - 7x9.5in

August 9th - 6x3in

August 8th - 6x2in

August 7th - 5x6in

August 6th - 5x5  in

August 5th - 4.5x5  in

August 4th - 5.5x9.5 in

August 3rd - 8x3.5in

August 2nd - 4.5x7  in

August 1st - 4.5x5  in

July 31st - 6x4 in

July 30th - 2x6  in

July 29th - 4x3.25 in

July 28th - 11x12 cm

July 27th - 6x6 in

July 26th - 5x11in. 

July 25th - 14x20 cm

July 24th - 12x11 cm

 July 23rd - 12x6 cm

July 22nd - 10x9 cm