Limerence: Comforter, 2017-19

Grand Rapids, MI, 24x24'

Used bedsheets, batting, thread

Stitch after stitch, I sew fabric into endless sheets. Limerence: Comforter is constructed of used bedsheets to create an enormous and heavy quilt. In an attempt to satisfy my longing for relationships, I connect these historical fabrics together. The bedsheets hold history; they carry the proof of the person they once belonged to. By binding them together I pose an alternate scenario to my loneliness, the quilt is a representation of all of the relationships I could possess, but will not. The sheets are collected from refuse and thrift stores. When sourcing them, the origins of their belonging are unknown. The quilt is used to wrap oneself in, the weight of the quilt is both crushing and comforting. The colors are bright and welcoming and inviting, but their history and use are contradictory.